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Although Brighton & Hove has an image and reputation of being a wealthy area with expensive housing, there are areas of deprivation and poverty and this has led to inequalities that the Council want to address so that Brighton & Hove becomes a more fair city for all residents.

The Fairness Commission will find out how to make Brighton & Hove a fairer and more equal place to live and work. It was set up by the council, but is an independent body.

Launched in September 2015, the commission is exploring issues that cause inequality and listening to the concerns of residents, community organisations and businesses across the city. This will allow it to hear the views of as many people as possible. Scroll down to view the meeting about older people and wellbeing.

The resulting report will be published in summer 2016. The findings will inform the council’s budgets and make sure resources are being used to tackle inequality. It will provide recommendations to the council and its partners to increase opportunities for the city's residents.

OPC sent an initial response to the Commission
HERE, after further meetings at community centre groups the final report submitted is HERE

The OPC have been told by many older people that the official two questions seemed meaningless without context and difficult to answer without guidance.

As a result we have created an alternative form that is still acceptable by the Fairness Commission. On this we have listed the criteria used to measure age friendly cities. Use these to help remember issues where improvements could have been made, and how we could better help each other.
The OPC Fairness Commission form is HERE The official Fairness Commission set of questions are HERE

To view the Fairness Commission public meeting discussing older people and their welfare, click HERE