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Older People's Council

Penny Morley

Penny Morley (Secretary 2013 - 2017)

Hanover and Elm Grove, Preston Park, St Peters and North Laine

I was born in Brighton and went to Sussex University. I have lived in the Roundhill area of Brighton for over 30 years. I have worked in the private, public and voluntary sectors so have had wide employment experience in a number of sectors. Before retiring I was a trade union researcher commuting to London on a daily basis.
I support women’s equality and was co-opted onto the Older Peoples Council in January 2012 and was pleased to be able to increase the representation of older women on the committee. I have participated in all of the OPC’s activities and public meetings since joining the Committee. These included raising concerns about local transport, housing and planning issues, care home funding and availability. I have also provided input to a number of Brighton Council consultations which included the local Waste strategy and Corporate plan.
Lynne Shields

Lynne Shields (Treasurer 2016, Vice Chair 2017)

East Brighton, Queens Park

I have been a Brighton resident since 1969. I have a degree in Ceramics and Social Policy and Administration and have maintained a keen interest the arts and health / social care.
I am particularly interested in the ways in which our support groups for older residents (State, Council, private and voluntary) are working together to minimise the detrimental effects of reduced funding in a time of increased need.
Colin Carden

Colin Carden 2007 - 2012(Treasurer)

Woodingdean & Rottingdean Coastal

Many will remember me as President of Brighton Trade Labour Club during the eighties. l am member of a well known local family, some of whom are well known on the political scene. My main interests are community safety and housing. I am still working but endeavour to attend as many meetings concerning older people as time permits. Colin sadly passed away in 2012 whilst still with the OPC.
Peter Terry

Peter Terry 2011 - 2013(Treasurer)

East Brighton, Queens Park

Peter moved to Bristol Estate in 2003, and has been involved in running a social club as chairman and a garden club. He is interested in transport and wants to help in areas such as transport for older people in keeping doctor and hospital appointments. He feels very strongly that transport such as buses should meet the needs of older people on low incomes, and on hilly areas of Brighton and Hove such as Bristol Estate and Mile Oak. Peter succeeded Colin Carden as Treasurer but had to retire from the OPC in 2013 due to continuing poor health.
John Barry

John Barry 2007 - 2011(Secretary)

East Brighton, Queens Park.

John has lived in Brighton and Hove since 1978. He worked as a librarian at the University of Brighton for almost 30 years, providing books and information services for students, teaching staff and the local community. He wants to support the good work of the OPC to promote the interests of older people across the City, so that we can all enjoy secure and fulfilling lives. Interests: transport; community safety and welfare; and maintaining good communication so that local older people know about and benefit from the best possible support and services.
Jim Buttimer

Jim Buttimer 2003 - 2011 (Secretary 2003 - 2007)

Central Hove, Westbourne

Jim is a retired Senior Civil Servant (Principal Examiner, Companies Investigation Branch). He is a former Brighton and later Hove Councillor and former Mayor of Hove. Jims principal interests are: Finance, Planning and Personnel Management. He believes that the interests of older people tend to belittled and that more account should be taken of the experience and (sometimes) wisdom that they have acquired during their long lives.
Ed Cruickshank Robb

Ed Cruickshank-Robb 2007 - 2011

Hangleton and Knoll, Stanford

Ed has had a lifelong involvement in health care serving on many professional bodies and Brighton Health Authority. Passionate about the welfare of older people, particularly the infirm, lonely and impoverished. He is committed to securing adequate provision of residential and home care. He served on Hove Borough Council with expertise in planning and finance and is a former Mayor of Hove.
Bob Gunnell

Bob Gunnell 2003 - 2011 (Vice Chair 2003 - 2007)

Patcham, Withdean

Bob has spent his whole working life in broadcasting. Starting at the bottom as an engineer, then later as producer and presenter, becoming founder manager of BBC Radio Brighton. After early retirement he worked as a media lecturer in several colleges. Bob has been a member of the OPC from inception. Interested in adult education and the arts. Bob was the main driving force and founder of Grey Matters, the broadcasting arm of the OPC which delivers radio shows for older people.

Joan Moorhouse 2003 - 2007 (Chair)

Ruth Larkin 2003 - 2007

Doreen Radford 2004 - 2007

Ray Blackwood 2003 - 2007

Beryl Day 2003 - 2007

David Smart 2003 - 2007