Brighton & Hove Older People's Council

About the OPC
Our Purpose
The Older People's Council (OPC) exists to serve older people in Brighton & Hove. The OPC works to ensure that all older people in Brighton & Hove are treated with respect and dignity and have access to services, support and opportunity to lead a fulfilling life.
Our Vision
Members of the Older People's Council work to help create a city where;
  • The contribution of all older people is acknowledged and valued.
  • The needs of older people are recognised and met.
  • Older people are involved in the making of decisions that affect their daily lives and the communities in which they live.
    Our Commitments
    Members of the OPC have been elected for a period of 4 years from 2015 - 2019. During this time members of the OPC will;
    We Will Listen
    to and represent the views of older people in Brighton and Hove, to influence change.
    We Will Challenge
    any disadvantage experienced by older people, and promote their human and civil rights.
    We Will Scrutinise
    and actively promote the needs of older people to achieve good quality public services.
    We Will Promote
    dignity, the support and the aspirations of older people wherever they live.
    We Will Publicise
    the outcomes of the work that we do.